The TranScience Project is dedicated to collecting, categorizing and presenting the science on gender dysphoria and transgenderism in a simple, straightforward and effective manner.

Independent Research

A collection of research papers written by the TranScience Project investigating new areas of transgender science.

Transgender Perceptions in the Media, a Preliminary Study - 2014 - A groundbreaking study analyzing how transgender subjects are presented in mainstream media.

What we know about

A collection of research articles written by the TranScience Project which attempt to answer frequently asked questions.

The Brain and Gender Dysphoria - Do trans-women have female brains? What about trans-men?. Reality is a little more complicated than the question suggests. There have been many studies in the last two decades which provide us with insights into how our brains work. This paper presents what we know so far about the role the brain plays in gender dysphoria.

Hormone Therapy and Safety - Is hormone therapy safe? What are the risk factors? Are there any long term health implications? In this paper we will attempt to answer all these questions by examining several long term studies.