Introducing the TranScience Paperdex

*Novemeber 10th 2014 - Today we are pleased to announce the first version of the TranScience Paperdex.

The Paperdex is the culmination of months of dedicated work by volunteers, compiling and reviewing scientific papers.

An example of the Paperdex viewing information on Zhou famous 1995 paper.

Each article currently contains information about when it was published, the authors, a description of the sample size and demographics and a snippet from the conclusion of the paper.

Some articles contain information about which other articles in the Paperdex cite them. This information is currently incomplete, and we will be adding to these features as time goes on.


Why are you doing this? Sites like Google Scholar are invaluable for searching for information, however they are not targeted, and often lack context. It is difficult to tell from viewing information about an article whether its claims have been verified, correlated or outright rejected by others. Because we can target a smaller subset of papers we can spend time on detailed analysis, to present these papers to a lay audience, and to enable researchers to find information in an efficient manner.

Is the Paperdex Complete? Far from it, the Paperdex currently documents less than 100 papers, there are certainly far more papers out there. We will be continually updating the Paperdex, both by adding new articles and by adding summaries, analysis and citation information to existing articles.

Can I help? Absolutely! Please email us and we will get back to you.

I have found a mistake. What should I do? Please email us and we will investigate and fix the mistake.