A statement on Reason.com

Today, 19th June 2015, Reason.com published an article entitled "Jenner Is a Woman and Dolezal Is Black: Self-Fashioning in the 21st Century" (we suggest you do not read the comments) in which they quoted our highest viewed article "The Brain and Gender Dysphoria".

We usually do not comment when publications reference our work, however, the way in which our article was used disturbs us greatly and as such we are issuing this public notice.

In the article, Reason.com quotes the following (emphasis ours):

Researchers have recently scanned the brains of trans- and cisgender men and women to test the theory that the brains of transgender males[sic] would be more similar to those of heterosexual women. A recent roundup of this brain research, collected by the TranScience Project, reports that the results are inconclusive.

This is simply false. Our article explicitly makes the following assertions:

Like in many areas of science, it is difficult to unravel cause and effect. It is important to iterate that none of the studies presented provide us with a definite cause for gender dysphoria. It is also likely that gender dysphoria, and the social experiences it confers, also shape the brain.

Additionally, many of these studies hint at different mechanisms affecting trans-men compared to trans-women. It could very well turn out that gender dysphoria has completely different root causes affecting trans-men and trans-women.

It will take many more years of research and many more studies before we understand what is really going on inside the brains of transgender people. As new research becomes available we will work to summarize and update this article accordingly.

The empirical evidence that parts of the neurological anatomy of transgender people are more similar, on average, to that of their identified gender is overwhelming. The inconclusive aspects arise from what causes these differences and when these differences appear.

We are disappointed that our article is being misrepresented and used to promote transphobic talking points like the one above and we encourage our supporters to reach out to media outlets who do so.

Thank you for your time.

The TranScience Project Team